To spread the Word of God and deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who are lost and living in defeat of addiction and habitual incarceration or who are in bondage to any deception that is keeping them from living a Christ-centered Spirit-filled life and helping them come to the TRUTH that they are Victorious rightful heirs of the Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus as precious Sons and Daughters of the Most High!

Helping our lost brothers and sisters be found and delivered from their distress and bringing them into God’s Army of believers as Disciples of the One who will truly set them free. Showing them how to trade in a life of death for a life of eternal hope filled with peace and truth and becoming Soldiers for Christ living their lives in Triumph over Addictions, Incarceration and all Deceptions!

There is an Army rising up and Jesus is reaching onto the Battlefield of addiction and into our prisons pulling out warriors for His Mighty Army and saying to us, YOU WILL WAR FOR THE WORLD NO MORE…NOW YOU WILL WAR FOR ME! and all The Sons & Daughters of Thunder say, “Yes LORD we will answer this call in the NAME OF JESUS…Yes we will fight for you our KING!

To establish a Christian-Sober Living Program called THUNDER HOUSE for men and women that will enable them to overcomeĀ their addictions and habitual incarcerations and help them move into their new lives in Christ Jesus where they experience Triumph and Victorious Living. Working with them, supporting them and teaching them to become disciples of Jesus Christ. To give them a place to live and thrive that is a sanctuary and stronghold that will enable them to grow and mature in the Lord and help them be built up giving them the tools necessary to live out their God given purpose and to eventually help others as they were helped.